011 What You Can Learn at Each Stop On Your Leadership Journey with Renaissance Woman Dr. Pei Kang

PeiShe and Joel became dog people (and therefore perfect guests on the Labrador Leadership Podcast!) after she had no pets in China.  She hated cleaning up from them but shortly found herself buying toys every day.  In her role as a dentist, she is surrounded by patients that sing her praises, even though she does root canals exclusively all day long!  The key trait though that she brings to this is not so much her technical skills but that she can identify their personality quickly and calm them down.  She contends that it is something that can be learned.

As cohost of The Relaunch Show, she admits she doesn't like change.  She likes talking to people on the show that have had huge life changes and successfully created them.  The choices that we make in times of crisis.  Bob and Pei talk about the value of mantras like “Choose up. Choose often.” and “For the sake of what?”

Dr. Pei has been very open to working with coaches to help her move forward throughout her life and career.  She has worked with many.  She encourages leaders to consider taking on coaches or a mentor to be with you along a part of your journey to provide encouragement and feedback.  It is very valuable to have people around you that see things from a different perspective.Pei

Pei became a yoga instructor not for the exercise but to learn how to inspire and teach others.  With the amount of sitting she did in other parts of her career, the health risks associated with that, including the stress, allow others to access another realm of one's possibilities.  If you want to get started, pick an instructor that you can get along with, not necessarily someone that pushes you and makes you feel uncomfortable.

And then she moved into business coaching. People around her saw her in her practice and wanted to work with her. This became a great awareness for her of the leadership gifts that she has, working with people and setting up strategies.

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  1. Very nice interview with the lovely Pei. I enjoy your encouragement to others and letting us know how and why we would want to hire a business coach.

  2. Thank you so much Bob for having me on your show. In retrospect, for a long time I didn’t consider myself as a leader, although I had so much success leading a successful, productive team. Now I am embracing the fact that I am a natural leader and I am grateful to be able to share my voice here 🙂

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