030 Leaders Need to be Ready to Handle Emotional Outbursts in the Workplace

030 ConflictBob and Alex talk about how leaders need to be ready to handle the behaviors that are just totally unexpected.  Alex talks about her experience as a bartender and Bob points out that bartending can be a position of power!

Bob says that instances of this can be demonstrations of a lack of self awareness which is part of emotional intelligence.  Alex says that she has had a supervisor have a total breakdown at work because they were so stressed about personal issues.  She says that part of this can be on her because she comes to a situation with a huge appetite for knowledge of how to get the job done.  She know that a manager may want to bring her along at the pace he wants, but she wants to know more very quickly.

Alex also talks about doing large scale events and having to deal with issues that are fully out of control.  She mentions music festivals often have to deal with headlining artists that are often hours late to the gig.  She says that you really have to be able to learn on your feet.  At a huge event at the Barclays Center, she checked in thinking she was head of volunteers, but upon arrival she found that she was co-directing a main area.

Bob says he is till completely amazed when he sees people toe to toe in the workplace shouting at one another over some issue. Alex says when the level of emotional investment just gets too high,  the respect you have worked so hard to earn is gone in a flash.  Instances like this often require an apology.


5 thoughts on “030 Leaders Need to be Ready to Handle Emotional Outbursts in the Workplace”

  1. It’s such an important topic, one that I rarely see covered by leadership articles. Thank you for shining the light on why and how successful leaders approach handing emotions that rise out of control. Keeping a cool head always prevails. Yet I have seen leaders who can’t do so, they are the ones that sooner or later lose their leadership position.

  2. Great point about saving your “blow up” for the right point. The problem is so many people get invested in things that don’t matter to their mission because they have not defined their mission.

    • Thanks Ian! Apologies for the sports metaphor in the deliver of “saving the blow up”, but you are indeed right in pointing out the problem os mis-investment.

      Thanks for listening and for your support!

  3. So true Bob and Alex! We are not different people at home and work. We bring our emotional states with us everywhere and if we are not aware of our emotions and able to manage them effectively it can cause major workplace issues.

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