035 Points you May Want to Work On Including in Your Interview

Job InterviewBob and Alex have talked a few times about fielding tough interview questions.  They have heard from many folks who are unexpectedly starting a new search. In this episode, the conversation takes the perspective of points you want to make sure to touch on during your interview.

Alex offers that she often has trouble answering the question what do you do day in and day out, but a great question that she is ready for is, : What will you being to our team?”  You are almost guaranteed to hear this.  Bob suggests that it helps to practice your storytelling.  This helps support the answer to this question with a well crafted response.  The focus for your response should be what you can do for them.

It is also important to go find out more about the company you are talking to.  Check their web page out and look for their mission statement and a statement of their values.  Also, look for items in the press that can talk about the current issues they are facing.  Alex says this is a key skill in getting through the recruiter screen.

Another point to hit is to say why you are really excited about the opportunity.  This is where you say “This is a fit for me”.  You can also work in the phrase that you thrive on feedback.  This can sound awkward, but the undertone implies that you are not afraid of receiving criticism.

You also need to be ready for  behavioral interview questions.  You will know you are hearing these when you hear “Tell me about a time…”. Here is where the stories that you have queued up can be delivered with a positive spin.  You have to be ready to talk about your biggest fault and about a time you failed.

Something you will undoubtedly hear in the wrap up is, “Any questions for me?”  Think about using something that relates to what you would be doing starting day one should you be hired.  This is more than just training, but also an interest in contributing as soon as possible.

For these topics and others, practice, practice, practice your answers.  Practice so much that when you get the questions they comfortably fall right out of your head.

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