037 Skills a Leader Will Need in the First Days of Their NEXT Job

037 First 90 DaysBob talks about Quora and his venture through what he calls “Facebook for the intelligentsia”.  The discussion centers around things he saw there included a discussion around the best things you can do on the first ninety days on the job.  First impressions are important, but there are strategies you can take before you ever get to day one.

Alex talks about her new jobs. On day one she always was there early and as ready as she thought you could be.  She recalls a feeling of playing it safe, but she always went in trying to make sure her work ethic is evident.  Bob concurs with all of this recognizing the emotional labor it takes to establish great relationships right from the start.

Bob also suggests to continue your habits from your job search.  Do a deeper dive on the research on the company, and reach out to anyone you know at the company for a lunch or coffee to find out what's going on and what success looks like at the new job. You can also do a deeper research on the competitors if appropriate so that so you are in a much better position to add value during the early days.

The bottom line is all about being able to make a contribution as soon as you can.  Start making relationships early, thinking about the long tail effects of how that may positively effect you at the end of the year.

You can start exploring Quora here.

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