Leadership at Amazon and the Conflict of Values and Action in the Face of Success | Labrador Leadership Podcast 071

In the aftermath of the New York Times article on the work culture at retailing giant Amazon, Bob talks about the details of the article, Amazon’s Fourteen Leadership Points, and CEO Jeff Bezos’ response to the article. There is also a rebuttal post to the NYT article from a current employee.

The Key Communication That Leaders Need to Have…With Their Partner | Labrador Leadership Podcast Episode 068

Communication is always noted as a key trait of successful leaders, but it is important to remember that there are often important conversations we need to have within our more intimate relationships. Bob and Alex talk about advice for dealing with your entrepreneurial partner.

063 Leaders Need to Keep Toxic People At Arms Length From Their Team…and Themselves

Effective leadership can be undermined by the presence of toxic people within their organization and on their team. Leaders have to be able to recognize these folks and keep them away. Bob and Alex talk about what these people look like.

058 Leadership Skills Are Brought to the Forefront in Your Personal Life When You Lose Your Job

Bob talks about the circumstances surrounding folks that have just lost their jobs and are out on the street. They will hopefully have support from may areas, but their are some key things they need to be doing as well.

026 The Skills Leaders Use to Manage Conflict Are Directly Tied Their Own Success

The conversation on stress continues as Bob and Alex talk about how to handle the conflict with the people around us. One report says that workers spend over three hours a week dealing with it. This does not sound alike a lot perhaps, but it does put a real damper on your productivity and your success.

030 Leaders Need to be Ready to Handle Emotional Outbursts in the Workplace

Bob and Alex talk about how leaders need to be ready to handle the behaviors that are just totally unexpected. Alex talks about her experience as a bartender and Bob says that instances of this can be demonstrations of a lack of self awareness which is part of emotional intelligence.

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