020 Watch Out For the Trouble Stress Brings to Leaders

The impact that stress can have on leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams can be so great that it can let all the air out of the balloon. A recent survey showed that 40% of all workers say that their job is very stressful, 26% say they are very burned out. A quarter of people see their job as the number one stressor in their lives. Has life gotten more stressful? What can this mean for you in all the critical roles of your life?

048 What Men Can Learn From Women Who Are More Engaging Leaders

Bob and Alex talk about engaging your employees. Alex contends that a man's voice can be very soothing, but a woman's voice can be very nurturing. Bob says that the best bosses he has had through his career may have been women. Survey results from Gallup say that women managers are more engaged at work. Female employees prefer female bosses.

019 Maren Hogan Shares Her Leadership Journey from the Newsroom to Red Branch Media

Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media and publisher of Marenated, the blog at Red Branch, comes to Labrador Leadership to talk with Bob about leadership and her own leadership journey. Her own experiences as a chief marketing officer highlight her emerging leadership skills that have brought her to the top of Red Branch.

010 Crush the Critical Skill of Giving (and Receiving) Feedback!

Bob and Alex are both snowed in and take the time to chat about assessments. Bob suggests that in the past we probably had a switch on the sides of out heads since we so freely create feedback. Getting better at this can be learned. There are good habits that should be reinforced, the most basic of which is not giving feedback only once a year. There should no surprises in annual performance reviews. As much as some leaders have to learn how to give feedback, a much broader segment including those leaders have to learn how to receive feedback. The use of assessment circles is an opportunity to practice recognizing how you feel and to observe how others react.

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