054 Leadership Learned From Directing the Choir

Bob and Alex review some research during which executives are put in front of the choir with a baton and told to lead them. What they learned was that there is often a simultaneous need for leading like an introvert and an extrovert. There is the creation of a kind of ambidextrous leadership.

042 From McKinsey: The Key Points For Successful Transformation Are What We have Been talking About All Along

Bob discusses the results of a new study from McKinsey & Company on the behaviors that different the big companies that are successful in the major transformations and those that are not. The details can be over whelming, but they boil down to a few general strategies that we have talked about before.

041 Leadership Lessons From Game of Thrones

As the HBO series “Game of Thrones” wraps up its most recent season this past weekend, there is a lot being written about leadership lessons that can be learned from these tales. Bob and Alex raise their eyebrows at that contention but then enjoy a welcome “entertainment break” to talk about just how this popular tale may apply.

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