Season Two Begins With a Tribute to the Leadership of Pat Summitt | Labrador Leadership Podcast 084

Bob kicks of the second season of the podcast with a welcome and a tribute to the leadership of Lady Vols basketball coach Pat Summitt who passed away this summer. Summit was the winningest coach man or woman at the division one level. She took over the team in 1976 at the age of 22. She went on to win eight national titles, appear in 18 Final Fours, and 1,098 games.

054 Leadership Learned From Directing the Choir

Bob and Alex review some research during which executives are put in front of the choir with a baton and told to lead them. What they learned was that there is often a simultaneous need for leading like an introvert and an extrovert. There is the creation of a kind of ambidextrous leadership.

Leadership Lessons From Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York | Labrador Leadership Podcast 082

Bob and Alex talk about the wildly popular photoblog Humans of New York and the leadership lessons to be learned from Brandon Stanton. His Facebook page has well over 15 million likes, but there are leadership lessons to be learned from his art and his approach.

A Leadership Take On Plausible Deniability in College Basketball | Labrador Leadership Podcast 081

Bob talks today about the leadership and the concept of plausible deniability. This is in light of the recent news out of the University of Louisville that recruits and players attended parties at which girls were available for sex that had been paid for by a team graduate assistance coach.

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