Productivity Hacks That Are Great Shots in the Arms of All Leaders | Episode 066 of the Labrador Leadership Podcast

Leadership is in part all about being productive with a high level of efficiency. Doing the important things early in the day is generally a key. This is a big part of getting off to a good start. “Eating the frog first” is the addressing of the most urgent or the most difficult item you have to face.

065 Leadership Skills and the Trip Back to School

The fact that leadership skills are needed not just on the job but in every part of our lives is evident this time of year as children and adults alike head back to school. Bob talks about what it takes to be successful both for the high school student heading to college and the working adult heading to school, perhaps for the first time.

064 Thomas O’Grady of Life Unsettled Talks About the Economy, Selling Gum, and Why the Boomers are in Trouble

Bob welcomes Thomas O’Grady, Host of the Life Unsettled podcast, a self professed entrepreneur at heart, tells his story from being a child chewing gum tycoon to understanding just why there is so much individual struggle in the current economy.

063 Leaders Need to Keep Toxic People At Arms Length From Their Team…and Themselves

Effective leadership can be undermined by the presence of toxic people within their organization and on their team. Leaders have to be able to recognize these folks and keep them away. Bob and Alex talk about what these people look like.

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