032 Bob and Alex Look at the Ten Top Leadership Traits in the World of Project Management

Bob and Alex hangout over the weekend with family and friends on an analog basis. Back on the airwaves, they bring up what the top leadership traits might be like in the world of project management. Bob says that it is one of the hottest job skill sets now. He has worked in that role in financial institutions, information technology, and education. The list of traits looks similar to the more general list of desirable leadership traits we have discussed.

015 Communication Part 2: Leading the Introverts and Being Led By Them

One of the most subtle but most important differences that leaders must take into consideration (if they are serious about being the best) is the attention they pay to handling different types of personalities. One dimension of this is the difference between the extroverts and the introverts. Bob and Alex talk about the importance and nuance of this leadership skill.

014 Millennials as Leaders Face Their Own Set of Challenges

After looking at the challenges that Boomers face when communicating with Millennials, Bob and Alex discuss an article from Lindsey Pollak about Millennials who are leaders that manage boomers. Her first suggestion is to try and keep away from terms and phrases that will keep tagged as being young Awesome is a little prevalent for Bob. Absolutely is the word for Alex. Spiffy? They both are lost.

022 Stress Recovery in the Workplace for Leaders and Workers Alike

Bob and Alex hit the road to recovery after talking in episode 20 about how debilitating stress can be. Managing stress is a key skill in the leadership portfolio. Bob makes the case that a little stress is needed and very productive in the workplace. A goal or a deadline does start your drive and your creativity to working to meet your goal. If it gets too high, you get tired, and if it gets really high to just totally burn out.

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