019 Maren Hogan Shares Her Leadership Journey from the Newsroom to Red Branch Media

Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media and publisher of Marenated, the blog at Red Branch, comes to Labrador Leadership to talk with Bob about leadership and her own leadership journey. Her own experiences as a chief marketing officer highlight her emerging leadership skills that have brought her to the top of Red Branch.

043 Leadership on Fathers Day | Alex and her Dad Reminisce About Life Growing Up With Mossa Construction

Alex takes the opportunity to introduce us to her Dad Sylvio Mossa to celebrate Fathers Day! For listeners who want to get to know our cohost a little bit better, listen to Alex and her Dad talk reminisce about life in Greensboro, NC, and what it took to successfully start and build Mossa Construction.

042 From McKinsey: The Key Points For Successful Transformation Are What We have Been talking About All Along

Bob discusses the results of a new study from McKinsey & Company on the behaviors that different the big companies that are successful in the major transformations and those that are not. The details can be over whelming, but they boil down to a few general strategies that we have talked about before.

014 Millennials as Leaders Face Their Own Set of Challenges

After looking at the challenges that Boomers face when communicating with Millennials, Bob and Alex discuss an article from Lindsey Pollak about Millennials who are leaders that manage boomers. Her first suggestion is to try and keep away from terms and phrases that will keep tagged as being young Awesome is a little prevalent for Bob. Absolutely is the word for Alex. Spiffy? They both are lost.

The Key Communication That Leaders Need to Have…With Their Partner | Labrador Leadership Podcast Episode 068

Communication is always noted as a key trait of successful leaders, but it is important to remember that there are often important conversations we need to have within our more intimate relationships. Bob and Alex talk about advice for dealing with your entrepreneurial partner.

063 Leaders Need to Keep Toxic People At Arms Length From Their Team…and Themselves

Effective leadership can be undermined by the presence of toxic people within their organization and on their team. Leaders have to be able to recognize these folks and keep them away. Bob and Alex talk about what these people look like.

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