048 What Men Can Learn From Women Who Are More Engaging Leaders

Bob and Alex talk about engaging your employees. Alex contends that a man's voice can be very soothing, but a woman's voice can be very nurturing. Bob says that the best bosses he has had through his career may have been women. Survey results from Gallup say that women managers are more engaged at work. Female employees prefer female bosses.

019 Maren Hogan Shares Her Leadership Journey from the Newsroom to Red Branch Media

Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media and publisher of Marenated, the blog at Red Branch, comes to Labrador Leadership to talk with Bob about leadership and her own leadership journey. Her own experiences as a chief marketing officer highlight her emerging leadership skills that have brought her to the top of Red Branch.

043 Leadership on Fathers Day | Alex and her Dad Reminisce About Life Growing Up With Mossa Construction

Alex takes the opportunity to introduce us to her Dad Sylvio Mossa to celebrate Fathers Day! For listeners who want to get to know our cohost a little bit better, listen to Alex and her Dad talk reminisce about life in Greensboro, NC, and what it took to successfully start and build Mossa Construction.

041 Leadership Lessons From Game of Thrones

As the HBO series “Game of Thrones” wraps up its most recent season this past weekend, there is a lot being written about leadership lessons that can be learned from these tales. Bob and Alex raise their eyebrows at that contention but then enjoy a welcome “entertainment break” to talk about just how this popular tale may apply.

032 Bob and Alex Look at the Ten Top Leadership Traits in the World of Project Management

Bob and Alex hangout over the weekend with family and friends on an analog basis. Back on the airwaves, they bring up what the top leadership traits might be like in the world of project management. Bob says that it is one of the hottest job skill sets now. He has worked in that role in financial institutions, information technology, and education. The list of traits looks similar to the more general list of desirable leadership traits we have discussed.

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