037 Skills a Leader Will Need in the First Days of Their NEXT Job

Bob talks about Quora and his venture through what he calls “Facebook for the intelligentsia”. The discussion centers around things he saw there included a discussion around the best things you can do on the first ninety days on the job. First impressions are important, but there are strategies you can take before you ever get to day one.

Audrey Lecker Brings The Proof That Leadership Needs the Liberal Arts | Labrador Leadership Podcast 069

In episode 59 Bob and Alex talked about how leaders could serve their teams well by giving a long hard look at liberal arts majors. The source of that discussion was an article written by Dell intern Audrey Lecker. Today she and Bob talk about this, China, and The Hustle.

058 Leadership Skills Are Brought to the Forefront in Your Personal Life When You Lose Your Job

Bob talks about the circumstances surrounding folks that have just lost their jobs and are out on the street. They will hopefully have support from may areas, but their are some key things they need to be doing as well.

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