Welcome to Labrador Leadership!  I am so glad you have found us!

Here’s what you’re going to find here…podcasts, opportunities, readings, comments, and discussions to make you comfortable and make you consider how to be a better leader in all aspects of your life.

Remember this–when you have a thought about your home life in relation to your work life or your social life or some other aspect, you only have one life.  If you find yourself thinking along these lines from time to time, remember that common threads that run through these perspectives all likely all rooted in your authenticity.  And being authentic is that important.

Why Labrador?  No, this has nothing to do with being a force to be reckoned with in Newfoundland.

It’s about the dog.

The greatest dog I had as a child was a lab.  When I think about him today I remember how strong he was.  He was a fast runner and at the same time so loyal to me and my brother and sister.  He was always with us when we were outside, and he always slept in our rooms with us.

No wonder they are still the number one breed owned by families in the U.S. Today according to the AKC. Think about that.

So when I look at this combined strength and loyalty, I see a resulting power.  Power has many different sources, but it is a similar strength and loyalty that the most successful leaders have to have today to be effective.

Pull up a chair.  What’s on your mind?

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