022 Stress Recovery in the Workplace for Leaders and Workers Alike

022 postItsBob and Alex hit the road to recovery after talking in episode 20 about how debilitating stress can be.  Managing stress is a key skill in the leadership portfolio.

Bob makes the case that a little stress is needed and very productive in the workplace.  A goal or a deadline does start your drive and your creativity to working to meet your goal.  If it gets too high, you get tired, and if it gets really high to just totally burn out.

We all need to have skills that help us alleviate stress.  Alex says that she walks along the East River, not only to get fresh air, not only to get some exercise, but to get to the dog park to look at puppies!  This is a routine for her that helps her manage midday stress.

Bob says that people work in buildings that have a deep basement have a battle fighting the stress.  He contends that a window makes a great deal of difference.  You can also do something with your work place.  Music and bright desk accessories and supplies and a bright note.  Plants and pictures are a great improvement.  And finally keeping clean and organized can be an uplift.

If you are in an open area, interruptions are a problem.  Just getting up to stretch and walking to see someone in another department will help clear the mind.

Bob says he has been distracted by email notification.  There is always something on your desktop blinking or chiming as if to say, “hey, me! I need some attention.”  Focus can take a real hit here.

Leaders taking a walk late in the day and just asking people what they are working on and how they are doing is engaging for them and a learning experience for you.

022 Stress Curve



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