Best selling Amazon Author Dr. Gail Summerskill talks about her new book on writing titled Writing with Sofie. The professor and creative professional talks convincingly about the need to support those that are trying to improve their writing in the classroom or at the start of their first personal writing project.
Bob talks about research that shows the Corona Virus shutdown may have months remaining rather than weeks. He also shares a story of a pharmacist who is committed to do his duty
Bob updates a directive from the CDC for protecting infrastructure workers who may not have been able to avoid contact. He also reports on ATI Decorative Laminates President Tara Burgio moving production to serve hospitals and law enforcement.
Bob updates the state of the Eastern U.S and talks about opportunities when using power during COVID-19.
Molly Snider of the Coolest Women in the RVA chats about the expansion and hip factor of Scotts Addition.  She talks about what it takes to manage one of the premier properties in midtown.
A recap of the comments from the Surgeon General and thoughts about people who cannot work from home.
This episode marks the start of a daily series on the role of leadership in the new normal.
Bob kicks off the Coolest Women in the RVA series with a special visit from Suzanne Rosenhammer. They talk leadership and career in the tech world of the RVA.
Matthew Shapiro of 6Wheels Consulting is a leader in the disability community. In this episode he and Bob talk abut his work lobbying from the state legislature to the streets on behalf os the disabled.

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