038 Sometimes It Comes Down to the Point Where Leaders Need a Bit More Money

money in hand of businessmanBob and Alex talk about the fact that in spite of all of our intentions and efforts focussed on becoming a better leader, sometimes we want to improve our financial gains.  The path to that goal is simpler and less daunting than you may think.

The first piece of advice is to spend less.  Even though you may think you have done all the belt tightening you can manage,

After that, the big piece of advice is to work harder.  This seems no easier than spend less, because we start by thinking we have to spend more hours.  What it really calls for their is a devoted effort, an effort that leads to a sense of accomplishment.  When you can achieve this sense of accomplishment,  it usually comes from bringing your A game, free of distractions of too much social media and aimless chatting.  Bob calls it being enamored with the “possibility of the outcome”.

If you need a stick to get  to this point, set a deadline.  This is not one of everyone on your team, but just for you.

To get to the point where these are effective for you, you have to being a true enthusiasm.  “Enthusiasm”, says Bob, quoting Robert DeNiro in “The Untouchables”.   When you generate this enthusiasm, your positivity will generate higher quality relationships with co-workers that will create an environment in which people will want to work with and for you.

Find work that fits your own strengths. Assign tasks to members of your team that fit their own strengths.  You are probably not serving your team well if you are over committed to developing their weaknesses.

Become an expert in something.  Expertise in some narrow niche can make your nearly indispensable in your organization.  This is more than just learning a lot through osmosis from working there a long period of time.  It is more about wanting to go out and learn more

In the end, all of these actions put you in a better position to ask for a raise.

John Treace's article on learning more money is here.

Brendon Burchard's The Millionaire Messenger.



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  1. Great article. When I worked for others, I always asked “What can I do for you?”, and treated each business like my own. If I did not understand a decision, I would try to figure out the motivation. Not only did I always succeed in the eyes of the owner, I was prepared to own my own business!

  2. Outstanding show, great advice! I’ve heard the same from the most successful, 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs. Thanks for you outstanding leadership Bob!

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