048 What Men Can Learn From Women Who Are More Engaging Leaders

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Bob and Alex talk about engaging your employees.  Alex contends that a man’s voice can be very soothing, but a woman’s voice can be very nurturing.  Bob says that the best bosses he has had through his career may have been women.

Survey results from Gallup say that women managers are more engaged at work.  Female employees prefer female bosses.  Because mirroring is an important leadership behavior, it can be inferred that female bosses have more engaged employees.  They are more likely to help them set goals and give them meaningful feedback that is engaging and coaching.

Women are more likely to give reinforcement that is positive.  They are also perceived to be more honest and ethical.

All of this leads to a more open dialog that makes you more approachable to your team.

Heather Huhman’s article on engagement.

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