050 Leadership Requires Getting a Great Start in the Morning

spring forestBob and Alex finish up the First Fifty by focusing on the important of mood.  They recall the dumps they put themselves in when talking about stress and realize that the start of the day has a lot to do with the mood you take forward.

Alex shares what her day looks like when she is on the air.  She gives herself an hour between getting up and catching the train. Now that she has a puppy, she has a trigger to get up and take the dog outside,  She gets back, feeds the dog and gets ready to go. She takes the G, M, and 6 trains, listening to podcasts along the way,  to get to work at 9.  The baristas at the Starbucks in the first floor of her building know what her order is and when to expect her.

When she gets to her desk, she says there may be some craziness on a busy week.  The first task almost always is to check her email.

Bob says the early AM hours are prime time to him.  He will get his own puppy out for business, get Jacquie out the door, and then get to work for anything that requires prime creativity. Only after that does the mail get the first look.  On recording days, he trues to take care of his voice (no lecturing or yelling?) so that in the studio he has a better chance of sounding ok.

Alex confesses to being a little bit of a night owl when doing creative work.  Bob says he gets an energy surge at about 8pm and he is productive then, but he guards against having to stay up too late into the night.

Alex shared a Huffington Post graphic that shows how many people are doing different activities at a give time of the day.

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