051 Some Help Finding Your True North as a Leader

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Bob opens this episode with shout outs to folks that have supported the podcast with  great ratings and reviews, and he thanks all who have joined the conversation by subscribing to our list.

In the episode, Bob shares a list of fourteen steps to follow in life and work that will help leaders keep their bearings on true north.  This comes from the writings of former JPMorgan investment banker Jimmy Lee and his advice on steps for success.

The steps that he discusses are:

  1. Character is everything.
  2. Become known as a trustworthy person.
  3. Become great at your craft.
  4. Relationships matter. Learn how to build and maintain them.
  5. Develop good judgment and learn how to make the right decision.
  6. Learn how to resolve conflicts.
  7. Family comes first.
  8. Be crazy organized and prepared.
  9. Be the person everyone wants to work with.
  10. Develop great working habits.
  11. Learn how to win gracefully and pick yourself up when you lose.
  12. Treat everyone you meet with respect regardless of their walk of life.
  13. Be proud of your work.
  14. Dream big.

Bob also mentions a book by Bill George on the concept of True North.


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