052 The Most Important Habits of the Most Successful Leaders

Light bulbBob and Alex review a list of executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders offerings of their most important habits.  At the top of this list is how you craft your daily to do list and how you remember other people’s names.

Bob reminds us that your daily to-do list is not the whole repository of all the things you have to get done.  It is a plan for today.

Alex says that remembering names is important.  Bob’s strategy is to immediately say and use the name upon introduction. If it is within the context of a business meeting, do some research on LinkedIn or elsewhere so you can find out a little bit about them.

Bob cites one executive who says it is important to clear his email inbox to one page by the end of the day.  Another says it is important to him to make a crazy personal statement each day, even if it just a loud pair of socks.  Alex says that she makes sure she leaves her personal imprint on her work.

Bob cites another leader who says he has to avoid all carbs before noon.  He does this because the morning is an important time and he feels they weigh him down.  Alex totally takes the counter position.

The final two from the list that are discussed are paying attention to people not devices and talking constantly with you team.

Christine Desmarais’ article on Inc. on the daily habit of highly successful people.

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