054 Leadership Learned From Directing the Choir

CHENGDU - SEP 21: Concert of Austrian St,Florian Boy's Choir atBob and Alex review some research during which executives are put in front of the choir with a baton and told to lead them.  What they learned was that there is often a simultaneous need for leading like an introvert and an extrovert.  There is the creation of a kind of ambidextrous leadership.

The executives were told to lead the choir, and the choir was told to stand up when they were inspired but to sit when they were not.  What was learned was that having no musical training, the experts had to give some control to the experts, those being the choir.

Introverts tend to lead in the post-heroic style exemplified by contemplative and empathetic .  Extroverts lead in the heroic style, tending to be more decisive and taking charge.  This can make them the center of attention.

Karl Moore’s article on this study of leadership in the arts.

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