065 Leadership Skills and the Trip Back to School

Leadership Skills and Back to SchoolThe fact that leadership skills are needed not just on the job but in every part of our lives is evident this time of year as children and adults alike head back to school. Bob talks about what it takes to be successful both for the high school student heading to college and the working adult heading to school, perhaps for the first time.

The jump off to the discussion is an article in the New York Times found here. This is the advice that recent college students give to incoming freshman attending college straight from high school.

The strategies for working adult students are a bit different.  Bob talks about the factors that differentiate a student that successfully graduates and one that doesn't quite do as well as they want.

Five Success Factor For Adult Students

  • Go to class.  Even after the worst day at the office ever, go to class.
  • Connect with your professor.  Make sure they know who you are.  Participate and contribute.
  • Your education is a Big Rock.  Listen to Episode 4 to hear what this means…it's important.
  • Have a conversation with your support group.  Most importantly these are your friends and family.
  • Come up with a cinematic answer to the question “Where will I work?”



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