Audrey Lecker Brings The Proof That Leadership Needs the Liberal Arts | Labrador Leadership Podcast 069

In episode 59 Bob and Alex talked about how leaders could serve their teams well by giving a long hard look at liberal arts majors.  The source of that discussion was an article written by Dell intern Audrey Lecker.  Today she and Bob talk about this, China, and The Hustle.

As the summer wraps up, she has completed her internship at Dell and is returning to College Station and Texas A&M for her senior year.  She worked for the digital marketing technology department.

Audrey also discusses:

  • Working at Columbia Records for three years in music video talent management;
  • Traveling to China to study abroad as her first experience in a foreign country;
  • Majoring in film with a minor in photography;
  • Networking and exhibiting leadership by being able to connect in the moment; and
  • Hustle, as in always being working.

She also shares her strategy for hitting the wall, of The Dip.   You have to take time to stop and reconnect for the sake of yourself and your key relationship.

Her advice to undergrads coming into the market is to not follow your dreams but follow your skill set.  Following the skill set will create successes for you and allow you to feel good, and empower you to feel some success.  Chase your dreams on the weekend.

The original article discussed on the show is here.

You can find Audrey on LinkedIn, Twitter, and her blog.

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