Leading as an Entrepreneur is About Hard Work and Networking| Labrador Leadership Podcast 073

073 Sam Anderson

Today Bob talks with an entrepreneur who has realized that the key is hard work, networking, and taking action.  Samuel Anderson joins Labrador Leadership to talk about his journey from sleeping in an insurance office to running three successful businesses, including his own consulting firm.

Samuel Anderson  met his business partner at Longwood College.  He know he wanted to be a business owner, but at the time the classroom just wasn’t a source of fulfillment for him.  He left college to pursue his business dreams, and at the time no one in his inner circle was supporting this.  He lived in a spare room in an insurance company . He was a factory worker, a waiter, and a painter, all the time remembering the advice that to find out what you want to do, start with doing something you hate.

His first real job was as an intern at the Boys and Girls Clubs.  He was then a mental health worker in the field.  He knew he would have o work harder then everyone else because he would be competing against everyone entering the field with masters degrees.

If you need inspiration to figure out what you want to do, work at something you hate.  That will inspire you faster than anything.

Sam’s advice to a newly minted MBA:  Hire people that are smarter than you.

He is currently in business with Jeremy Demaio in a company called Cycul.  The company provides laundry and dry cleaning services featuring home delivery and pick up.  The key to success he says is getting started. People today are willing to outsource tasks that are mundane and repetitive as laundry.  Universities are a target market for Cycul.

Other businesses he has underway involve bubble soccer and consulting.  These along with Cycul have been so successful he has been able to leave his corporate project manager job and chase these initiatives full time.  In serving his clientele he has come to realize that time is the most valuable resource that they have.

The universe has a way of getting out of your way when you are determined.

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