Talmar Anderson, Leadership, and the Business Side of Business | Labrador Leadership Podcast 083

083 Talmar AndersonBob chats with Talmar Anderson, host of the Business Side of Business podcast, about the leadership challenges folks face in getting their new initiatives launched.

She started the Business Side of Business with the idea of getting business easier for people from the operations and management perspective, It is not intuitive and people always get stuck about trying to figure it out on their own.

She loves the art of the conversation and being able to help people through that medium.  She was very excited to hear from listeners early in the game. However, she also has a blog at her website TalmarItUp.

Bob says that the crises of confidence that often derail start ups comes from the mountain of tasks that need to be accomplished.  Talmar agrees that start up owners need to set small goals to help keep themselves on track.

Bob mentions his point that commitment management is the key to establishing successful relationships with your customers and clients.  Talmar says she also focusses on consistency and the setting of expectations.  List making is not moving forward.  Managing commitments is.

Talmar mentions the importance of perspective and being sensitive to that  in your business relationships.  It can be a great differentiator

Her clients at TalmarItUp are in some phase of transitional growth, where they are adding staff or locations and need the infrastructure and business process to get it done.  One of her services  is titled the “Ass Kicking Muse” which helps them establish this change environment in ninety days.


“Business is not innate. It is a learned process.”

Links in this episode

Talmar’s website is TalmarItUp.com

The podcast website is The Business Side of Business and on Twitter at @bizsideofbiz.

You can find Talmar on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



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