The Cost of Rebuilding Lost Honesty of Past Leadership| Labrador Leadership Podcast 072

072 Liar

Recovering from acts of dishonesty from the previous administration and leadership team calls for special tactics and communication.  Bob and Alex talk about these and the challenges that you face.

Bob suggests that if the sum total of your power comes from external sources previously discussed like your position (your box on the org chart) rather than from internal sources (such as your referential power), and you seek more wealth and more power, your team and employees see this as dishonest.  The leader that follows a predecessor that has failed in this way needs to work in a way to slowly rebuild the trust.  You cannot expect employees to take you at your word.

Strategies For Rebuilding Honesty

  • Don't take sides on the guilt of those that came before you.
  • Beware of the increased use of the rumor mill.
  • Do not take it personally when your team is frustrated.
  • Temper honesty with consideration.

Kathleen Listman's article on rebuilding honesty is here.

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