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People help new member join large groupMany folks that want to move up to the next level in the leadership game continue doing a great job but never get the call.  Bob talks to day about actions you can take to get noticed. Liz Ryan in Forbes wrote about about some tactics here that can show you can be a leader.

The biggest mistake can be hiding behind the precept that if they wanted you they would ask you, that it is nice to be asked.  Well, indeed it is nice to be asked, but a leader will be more quickly seen when they step out of the box to take action that exhibits the core leadership skills.  Don't wait until you become aware that there is an imminent opening.  Start well before that.

Look Like a Leader Ready to Step Up

  • Learn what the goals are of your team and your larger unit.  You may know what your own goals are, but a great question to ask is how they fit into the bigger picture.
  • Observe carefully to learn what a supervisor in your unit does.  Don't ask…watch.  This will put you in a position to say that you have some knowledge as to what the job requires.
  • Set and reach your own goals.  These are not the ones you've been given they you have investigated the “fit” of (although you better meet these), but rather stretch goals that you set yourself.
  • Take on a leader-like project.  Liz's article talks about taking on producing a manual or an FAQ wiki.  One I really like to see is leading a brown bag session where you gather folks once a month to talk about technical issues of the job (like how we might improve processes)  or reading a business book together about soft skills.

Take on a couple of these and you start to look like a leader not only to your boss but also to those around you.

Leave a comment below to add your suggestions as well! (Isn't contributing like that a leader type of action?)

Liz Ryan's article can be found here.

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